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ANKO-AGROTRADE SA – Your reliable partner in the international trade of agricultural products.

The company was founded in 2010, and since then we have become a symbol of quality, reliability and dynamic development.

We started with a small office, but our ambitions and desire for excellence have led us to the fact that today we are one of the leading participants in the global market in the sales and logistics of agricultural products.

At the beginning ANKO-AGROTRADE SA was focused on niche crops, but later we also added commercial crops such as wheat, corn, and sunflower to our assortment.

Today, the sales geography is as diversified as possible. Our products are supplied to the most remote corners of the world, including markets in Northern, Central and Southern Africa, Southeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent, Europe and the Middle East.

The main market of origin of the products we sell is Black Sea Origin. From 2022, we also began to develop manufacturing countries such as Australia, Canada, Argentina and Brazil.

What makes us unique? Our flexibility is precisely the trait that allows us to successfully adapt to changing circumstances. Constantly changing trends in the global market for global trade in agricultural products require us to make quick and correct decisions for the further development of both our company and the businesses of our partners.

ANKO-AGROTRADE SA is not just a company, it is a community of those who are ready to keep up with the times, with respect for traditions and the desire to reach new heights.


In a world where quality and reliability play a key role, ANKO-AGROTRADE SA occupies a leading position in the global grain trade. Here's why people choose us:

Top level product quality Top level product quality-mob

Top level product quality

Products undergo strict selection and quality control at every stage of production and delivery, providing only the best for you.

Global presence Global presence-mob

Global presence

We trade actively in the markets of North and South Africa, Southeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent, Europe and the Middle East. Our global expansion allows us to better understand and meet the needs of customers around the world.

Reliable partnerships Reliable partnerships-mob

Reliable partnerships

ANKO-AGROTRADE SA builds relationships based on mutual trust and long-term cooperation. We value every supplier and client. We guarantee an individual approach, taking into account their unique needs.

Environmental responsibility Environmental responsibility-mob

Environmental responsibility

We are committed to sustainable agriculture and environmental responsibility. Our manufacturing and delivery practices not only respect standards, but also actively contribute to preserving the environment.

Professional logistics and service Professional logistics and service-mob

Professional logistics and service

ANKO-AGROTRADE SA ensures uninterrupted supply of grain anywhere in the world. One of the divisions of our business is our own logistics company, which provides supplies by such means of transport as: container transportation, motor transport, ship consignments.

Choose ANKO-AGROTRADE SA - choose success and stability. With us, your business is always on fertile soil of prosperity!

Quality grain to all corners of the world

The history of ANKO-AGROTRADE SA is an example of successful development and desire for international recognition in the field of global trade in agricultural products.

Founding and start of activities

In 2010, a group of entrepreneurs who shared a passion for agriculture and global trade came together to create ANKO-AGROTRADE SA. Starting from a small office in Switzerland, the company focused on trading niche crops at the European market.
The first steps were related to financing both small farms and large agricultural holdings, which made it possible to immediately build close partnerships directly with producers.

Expansion of product range
and sales markets

Expansion of product range and sales marketsWith successful entry into sales markets and the establishment of long-term relationships with suppliers, ANKO-AGROTRADE SA  decides to expand its range, including various types of grains, oilseeds and seeds.
Also during these years, the company continues to develop a separate direction – processing and selling walnuts, pumpkin seeds (various kinds), as well as various types of confectionery sunflower varieties.
The company is actively exploring new markets and begins selling its products to many countries, namely: the countries of Southeast Asia, the countries of North and South Africa, and the countries of the Middle East. This allows it to gradually gain its presence on the world stage.

Diversification and internal growth

ANKO-AGROTRADE SA is developing local sales in major consumer markets, including its own production and expansion of the front office. The company introduces modern technologies into production and logistics processes, which significantly improves the efficiency of operations.
Within our business, the company’s logistics department is being transformed into an independent forwarding company. Direct contracts are signed with global container carriers – Maersk, MSC, CMA, etc.
During the same period, the company begins its first sales of ship consignments in the Mediterranean region.

International success

In recent years, ANKO-AGROTRADE SA has achieved outstanding results, strengthening its position in Southeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent, Europe and the Middle East. The company has become an important player in the global agricultural products market, and its brand has become synonymous with quality and reliability.

Successful expansion

Today, ANKO-AGROTRADE SA continues to actively develop, striving for new heights and strengthening its reputation as a responsible business.
The main goals of the company are to expand procurement markets (increase purchases in Canada, Australia, Brazil and Argentina) and increase the range of products to maximally meet the needs of our partners around the world.

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