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Export of Agricultural Products

Export of Agricultural Products is the main activity of our company. The range of products that we offer depends upon the thorough analysis of the crop and currently consists of items grown in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation and Belorussia, covering the whole Black Sea region. The deliveries are fulfilled by the most convenient transport as per requirements of the client, whether land, sea or rail.

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We also pay a lot of attention to the packaging of each particular product type of product considering the requirements of our clients. Our facilities allow us to pack the products in bags, big bags or sealant.



Cultivation and Development of Agrarian Market is one of the largest departments of our company. Since 2010 we developed around 3 000 hectares of land located in the Southern region of Ukraine. Our plans are to expand up to 10 000 hectares in the nearest future. The products that we grow, such as canary seed, oil bast fiber, caraway, rapeseed, chick-peas, soybeans, etc. are very specific and are mainly oriented towards foreign demand. 90% of products grown at our fields are exported by our company.



In order to be on top of our competition, our Company Processes and Filtrates Agricultural Products. Our production facilities are equipped by German machinery of PETKUS Technologie GmbH, which allows us to achieve the highest purity of our products. In addition, when it comes to special requests to achieve 99.8% purity of products, we use British machinery of SORTEX (mostly it is used for calibration of confectionary seed variety, such as sunflower and pumpkin seeds, rarely – millet).

Feed mixes


What is more, our company is Producing Animal Feed Mixes. Using the top quality products we create mixes for poultry, birds, cattle, sheep, rabbit and fish in any proportion required. Highly qualified specialists will develop a customized feed program for farm animals, poultry and fish strictly corresponding to the requirements of the client. Ingredients that we use for producing the above are grown in Ukraine and are wheat, soybean meal, sunflower meal, limestone flour, corn, sunflower oil, wheat bran, yeast, barley, wheat bran, limestone flour, fodder yearst, vitamin-mineral mixtures, special feed additives, etc.



Processing of Walnuts is a separate department for Anko Agro Trade. Due to the fact that Ukraine is one of the leading producers of walnuts in the world, our company is amongst the most active participants in the export market of walnut originated from Ukraine. Our equipment lines allow us to perform the complete circle of processing of walnut, which includes removal of the shuck, calibration and assortment based upon the size of the fractions and color of the walnuts, drying and packaging of the finished product. The packaging is standardized by the international requirements of transportation and depends upon the client’s preference (cardboard, vacuum packs, etc.).