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Export of Agricultural Products

Bulk cargoes

Port facilities that we are using allow us to perform all required stages of export of bulk cargoes, including initial purchasing of the cargo and storage, followed bytransshipment from the storage onto vessel. The laboratory offers a chance to indicate problematic cargoes and separate them prior to receiving it at the warehouse. Weighing complex allows to double check the weight of the cargo upon its arrival to the storage facilities. Forwarding, customs preparations and certificate issue is performed at the port directly.

Container loads

Most of the export by our company is performed with container loads. Having our own storage and transshipment facilities we are able to purchase from the farm directly, transport the cargo to our warehouse where final purification process takes place along with packaging (if required). Further on, the containers arrive to the port where all the necessary documents are issued in strict correspondence with client requirements.
Some of our clients prefer the dispatches to be performed by trucks. In this case the process is similar to the above.